Grangeburn Education are pleased that we’re one of only a select few of authorised Apple Education Reseller that can offer your School a well-executed ‘Bring Your Own Device’ ONLINE purchase option for parents for their child. Our site is authorised by Apple, which allows parents to purchase Apple products at Education pricing.

The Grangeburn Education BYOD Program works with schools individually making it easy for schools and parents, as we tailor the Portal to your school. All chosen equipment and accessories your school prefers will be listed and available for parents to purchase at Education pricing. Enjoy using Grangeburns Education easy-to-use eCommerce website

BYOD made simple: 

If you are a parent looking to sign up for BYOD. Click here member_login.png

If you are a school looking to join it's easy here's how.

  1. Simply contact Grangeburn IT. 
  1. Ask for the BYOD Information Pack. 
  1. Plug into the Grangeburn Education Consultancy Program and we can guide you through by simplifying the process, covering critical areas including; Policy templates and community engagement strategies. We can also assist you with planning, preparation, engagement of parents, technical support, wireless networking and professional learning.

BYOD Portal Quick Facts;

  • Our Portal can be customised to your school and has a login in for parents to select the devices your school has advised it recommends parents to purchase.

  • We can cater for Multi-brand devices to suit your requirements. 
  • The Portal also acts as a single destination and hosts the specific student usage agreement.
  • We’re able to offer fully managed deployment, device connection and training event packages, for parents and teachers. 

The team at Grangeburn Education are ready to assist, contact us now and learn how we can facilitate the successful implementation of your local BYOD Program.