Grangeburn Education is a proudly Authorised Apple Education Reseller, allowing us to support your school fully, from outfitting your school with the right devices for your students to guiding your use of Mobile Device Management. 


Grangeburn and Jamf School (formerly Zulu Desk)

As an educator, you play many roles. No one understands that better than you. You strive to provide the best learning experience for teachers and students to prepare them for the world. Jamf School is a purpose-built mobile device management solution (MDM) for schools. With its intuitive web-based interface — deploying, managing and securing Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV has never been simpler. Jamf School gives you the ability to deploy and manage Apple devices – the best learning technology – with ease, so you can focus on your mission of teaching students.

With the Jamf School Student app, students can manage their own iPad devices. They can install apps approved by the school and use documents stored in their personal iCloud drive.

Jamf for School MDM Guide



Grangeburn and SolarWinds

Grangeburn utilises the well established SolarWinds for bringing you the best network support possible. Our experienced experts in computer networking providing a single all-encompassing contact to bring you and your school peace of mind with server monitoring, remote management, cloud data backups and more.

The SolarWinds Academy provides relevant and high-quality education programs for IT professionals. The training curriculum promotes a comprehensive understanding of the SolarWinds portfolio of products through certifications, instructor-led classes, and eLearning videos.


Grangeburn and AppleCare+

With AppleCare+ you get fast repairs, accidental damage coverage and priority support. It’s the best option for schools and parents who want even more protection and peace of mind.